GTA V Episode 1: Livin’ The Dream


GTA V Episode 1: Livin’ The Dream
The wait is over for DouBle B as he finally begins his playthrough of GTA V on the XBox One. Having only played the 360 version for a few hours, this huge game will be (nearly) a whole new experience, highlighted by the fact that you can now play in 1st person mode on the next gen versions.

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Dark Souls II Gets Prettier (and Even More Difficult) on XB1, PS4

“Very few indeed have come even this far,
and yet your journey is far from over…”


The Dark Souls games have always been on my radar, I’ve even played an hour or two of the first one (it was a free download as part of XBox Live‘s Games with Gold program a few months back). See, I love difficult games, especially of the hack and slash genre, Ninja Gaiden II most definitely comes to mind. Buuuuut the reputation of Dark Souls being so legendarily difficult has had me hesitating whether I should give them a real try or not.

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Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Announced for Next Gen

Claptrap not included (but you can actually buy him too)…


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection was announced this morning by Gearbox Software and I am incredibly excited. I figured Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel would make its way to next gen systems at some point, but throwing in Borderlands 2 (and all the DLC for both) is a huge coup.

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Surprise Day Off Dragon Age, BF4, NBA 2K15 Session – #LetsGetTwitchy

Carpe diem motherfuckers…

Today I recieved the unexpected surprise of having the day off from the hotel. I’m gonna take full advantage of it by sitting down with Dragon Age Inquisition and NBA 2K15 for approximately the next seven or eight hours. But first Maximus and I are gonna slaughter some unfortunate souls in Battlefield 4.

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HBOGo Live on XBox One




Proof that HBOGo has made its way on to XBox One. It was originally supposed to be a launch app, then they said it would be released “in the first year”, then 364 days later it showed up, so I took a picture of my screen as evidence. Theres enough time to rewatch all of Game of Thrones before April!


GTA V Next Gen’s First Person Mode is a Gamechanger

Decisions, decisions…

I’ve been much more excited about the GTA V Next Gen than I ever was for the original XBox 360 and PS3 versions, and am now actually very pleased with myself that I didn’t actually play it (even though I did buy it and eventually trade it in). I’m thinking the reason for the lack of “excitement” had a lot to do with timing, but we’ll get to that another day.

Theres been a heavily rumored first person mode for the next gen versions for a few months now, and yesterday Rockstar gave it a full reveal with a 3 minute trailer and its most definitely a gamechanger.

By the look of it, even those of you who have thoroughly played the last gen version are in for something new, in large part due to the updated graphics and first person mode. And another thing…it kinda sucks that both Dragon Age: Inquisition and GTA V Next Gen are releasing the same day (November 18th). So. Many. Games. To. Play.

Rrrrreally what this means is that I gotta slam through Sunset Overdrive, cause in two weeks I’m flat out not gonna have time to play it much anymore (at least for a while). And heres yet another thing that sucks (in first world problems terms)…I bought Sunset Overdrive digitally, so I currently get nothing back from what I spent on it, even though I’ve barely gave it a try, although I will be playing it a lot today.

Anyways heres that trailer. Be on the lookout for the return of the Wednesday Video Dump tonight!


#LetsGetTwitchy – DouBle B Plays Destiny E06

Back to La Luna!

After a week off, I’m going back to Bungie‘s online persistent world fps Destiny. My Warlock character sits at a level 10 and just got done with his first few missions on the moon. It was very cool.

You can watch gameplay and commentary from the beginning (or even broken up into highlights) by CLICKING HERE. In the next week or two we are planning to really work on a new YouTube page too where we’ll post all our gameplay / highlight videos. So if you don’t have the time to watch it live, those are some great ways to see what we’re up to.

Kickoff is scheduled for 9:50pm PST