#LetsGetTwitchy – The Darkness 2 PC Walkthrough Pt 1 With DouBle B

At some point after tonights preseason display of THE DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPION SEAHAWKS……I, Brett Black aka DouBle B am very excited to try out 2K Games FPS psychological horror game The Darkness II on my new PC. I will also be broadcasting the game and answering questions live on Twitch…so excuse me if I slur my words a little from time to time. I’m usually very articulate.

The game itself actually came out in early February 2012, I had always planned on picking it up, but time suckers like Skyrim and NBA 2K definitely played a part in my delay. Now its time to catch up and play a game that I will warn you looks extremely violent, in a hack and slash, entrails and brains spilled all over the place horror film way.

Excited yet? Tune into the PlayItBlack Twitch channel here, or just watch the live feed below. I should be getting on there sometime between 9:30-10pm PST.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Darkness 2 PC walkthrough, session one.
Watch live video from playitBlack on