Hawk’s 2015 NFL Picks: Week 5 TNF Edition

Note: Hawk’s picks for Sunday’s games will be released Saturday afternoon. Hawks-NFL-Picks

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans 
QB Andrew Luck missed last weeks game against the Jaguars because of a shoulder injury so 40 year old and former Seahawk Matt Hasselbeck got the start in his stead. Apparently the oldest non kicker in the league has still got some game left in him as he completed 30 of his 47 passes for 282 yards and a TD. Interestingly both quarterbacks are listed as questionable to play in this game, but Luck is expected to start.
Meanwhile in Houston, their QB health isn’t questionable, but their play sure is, as both Ryan Mallett and Brian Hoyer continue to be unimpressive. Mallett is starting this game but another performance like the one he had last week and we might see week 1 starter Hoyer get his job back.
I think this will be an intriguing match up. Indianapolis has a great QB in Luck but have had all sorts of offensive line problems. Houston defensive lineman J.J Watt is not only the best in the game, but has dominated the Colts in the past.
It should be a low scoring affar, and Luck will get harassed all game but will eventually throw himself out of it in the 4th quarter, which neither Mallett or Hoyer is capable of doing.
Pick: Colts 24 Texans 17


Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 13 Turducken Edition

 One bird, stuffed into another, stuffed into another…

Welcome to The Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 13 Turducken Edition.

Note from DouBle B: This past Sunday Hawk and I were celebrating the Seahawks dismantling of the Cards and he said we need a picture of a Turducken for this week’s NFL Picks, in honor of Thanksgiving. So behind the text in the pic above? That’s a deboned chicken, stuffed into a deboned duck, stuffed into a deboned turkey. AKA “The Turducken”. 

Happy Thanksging to all our visitors. Whether you celebrate it or not, you are greatly appreciated. Please, like our Facebook Page to show support.

Let’s get on to those NFL Picks from the Hawk!:   
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Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 11 Edition

Huge matchup for the Seahawks against the supposed loudest outdoor stadium in sports, and the Chiefs too…

Welcome to The Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 11 Edition.

Lets just get right to it: