Hawk’s 2016 NFL Picks: Week 13

I slayed it last week, going 13-3. This puts me at 102-73-2 for the year. On to week 13 as this season continues to fly by.
Kansas City Chiefs (8-3) at Atlanta Falcons (7-4)
(-3.5) (0/U 49.0)
 Two really good teams face off in this one, but I think the Falcons are going to go on a run.
Pick:  Falcons
Detroit Lions (7-4) at New Orleans Saints (5-6)
(-6.0) (O/U 53.5)
 Detroit took sole possession of first place in the NFC North last week after a Thanksgiving win against the Vikings, but all 7 of their wins this season have been because of fourth quarter comebacks.
Their luck is bound to run out soon. Not to mention the Lions have a long history of choking late in the season.
Pick: Saints
Los Angeles Rams (4-7) at New England Cheaters (9-2)
(-13.5) (O/U 44.5)
Yet again the Rams are one loss away from finishing the year without a winning record in the Jeff Fisher era. Fire him already. The guy doesn’t even know who plays for New England
 Pick: Cheaters new-england-patriots-logo

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Hawk’s 2016 NFL Picks: Week 2

Started off strong in the early games last week, but  faded in the late ones, finishing up with a 9-7 week 1 record.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/gOu–iRBTtg”]

What a hell of a start to the year though as 11 of the 16 games were decided by one possession, including a few dramatic comebacks. Most notably the Chiefs coming back from a 24-3 deficit late in the 3rd quarter to take it to OT. Here’s to hoping for another exciting week.
Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)
(-3.0) (O/U 48.5)
Cincy scraped out a 23-22 victory over the Jets in week 1,with a game winning Mike Nugent field goal with less than a minute left in the game.
Pittsburgh took only a 14-6 lead over the Redskins into halftime before blowing them out of the water in the second and winning 38-16.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/H1Yvqrd0tX0″]

The Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown combo was once again dominating as Brown would haul in 8 catches for 126 yards and two Td’s. One of the better rivalries in football today, but the Steelers are incredibly dangerous and it’s in Pittsburgh.
Pick: Steelers

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Hawk’s Broncos vs Panthers Pick

by Brent “The Hawk” Walker 
5:30 PM West Coast Time
Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos
(+3.0) (O/U 41.5) 
Well, well well! Football Season starts tomorrow. Did you hear me? FOOTBALL SEASON STARTS TOMORROW! Its Christmas eve ladies and gentlemen and we are starting off the year with a good one.
A few years ago the NFL started a new tradition where the first game of the year is on Thursday and the reigning Super Bowl champ hosts it. This year it happens to be a rematch of last years Super Bowl, which the Broncos won 24-10 in one of the most boring, defensive controlled Super Bowls to date. But Peyton got his second ring and than retired, which is what I think most of us wanted.
Unfortunately for the Broncos, their starting quarterback will be an unproven rookie from Northwestern named Trevor SiemianI don’t know much about this kid and in general don’t pay much attention to preseason, but expecting any rookie QB to be successful in his first career start is almost always a stretch.

SUPER BOWL 50: A Case for the Carolina Panthers

By Brett Black aka “DouBle B”
For starters, I’m gonna basically gonna go with my own version of Hawk started off with in his Super Bowl 50: A Case for the Denver Broncos post he put up on Tuesday:

Sunday, January 24th, 201516 (still fuckin’ that one up): Hawk and I are obviously celebrating. Its the “greatest day of the year”as I like to put it. The Patriots, or “Cheaters” as Hawk will only call them from now on, lost to the Broncos in the AFC Championship. And that meant their season was over. Done. Kaput, which translates to “broken, broken-down, malfunctioning, and INOPERATIVE.”
See, its kind of stressful each for me each football season, the amount of work I put in is best described as A LOT, with both covering the college game and posting Hawk’s NFL Picks, and, most importantly, the fact that the Patriots have another chance to win a Super Bowl. It weighs heavy on this sports fan. I don’t know how well I would be able to take Tom Brady and Bill Belichick hoisting a 5th (or it most definitely could have been more at this point) Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Sooooo…yeah, we were getting shitfaced. And it was during this that Hawk came up with the idea that I should write my first NFL post of the year, in which explains why I think the same as Ballroom patron Mitchell Gilbert, the Carolina Panthers will win on Sunday.   A-Case-for-The-Carolina-Panthers

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SUPER BOWL 50: A Case for the Denver Broncos

By Brent “The Hawk” Walker
After several beers with DoubleB during championship Sunday and celebrating the demise of the New England Cheaters season like we do every year, we realized that we have  different opinions on who is going to win the big game. Thus we decided this year that we would each write our separate case and compare/ debate the big game.
I’m riding with Sheriff Manning and his Broncos, and here is why:
A Case for the Denver Broncos
Sunday, February 7, 3:30 PM
Levi’s Stadium, Santa Clara, California
 1)Carolina Panthers (17-1)
1) Denver Broncos (14-4) (+5.5)

( 45.0 O/U)
In Seattle the consensus is that everyone will be rooting for Peyton Manning and, or, against Cam Newton. 
But everyone also seems to think that Carolina will destroy Denver like Seattle did two years ago in SB48 because this Panthers team is built very similar to that Seahawks team. They have a dual threat quarterback, a great running game, a terrific defense and almost always win the turnover battle.
Here’s the thing: it is Denver’s defense that is most like that Seahawks defense, and we all know that defense wins championships. They absolutely demolished Tom Brady in the AFC Championship, sacking him 4 times and hitting him 19 other times, and it was awesome.

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Hawk’s NFL Picks: Championship Sunday Edition

It’s with a heavy heart that I write this as the Seahawks season is now officially over, which sucks, but I must remind myself that this team isn’t going anywhere and should be a Super Bowl contender next year as well. I knew before the year started that 3 straight Super Bowls would be a tall order but I still held on to hope. As hard as it will be to write this, the show must go on, especially with only 3 games left, just don’t expect me to ramble on like usual. still in Seahawks mourning.
Sunday, January 24, 12:05 PM, Sports Authority Field at Mile High, Denver, Colorado
 2) New England Cheaters (13-4) at 1) Denver Broncos (13-4) (+3.0)
(45 O/U)
This will be the 17th time that Tom Brady and Peyton Manning have faced off, I assume that ESPN is ranting about this every second of every day.  I haven’t had the heart to watch anything that will talk about this years NFL playoffs this week, but assuming this is a safe bet.

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Hawk’s NFL Picks: Week 13

A 9-7 record last week puts me at 97-79 for the year as the season continues to fly by. On we go.
Seattle Seahawks (6-5) at Minnesota Vikings (8-3)
(+1.0) (41.5 O/U)
Big playoff implications in this one.
Seattle won a shootout last week against the Steelers 39-30. In that win Russell Wilson had his best game of the year, if not his NFL career, completing 21-30 passes for 345 yards and 5 Td’s.
This is good news for an offense that has been stagnant, but it’s an offense that will have to change after losing Tight End Jimmy Graham for the year with a torn patellar tendon.  Defensively the Seahawks gave up a franchise record 456 passing yards to Ben Roethilsberger, who torched them all game. While this is somewhat concerning, considering how dominant the Seahawks defense has been the last 3 years, one most also take into perspective the fact that Seattle was scoring so quickly the Steelers had more possessions  than normal.
Minnesota is once again in first place in their division. The defeat of the Falcons 20-10 combined with a Green Bay loss to Chicago last week is why. Adrian Peterson had another monster game compiling 158 yards and 2 Td’s and remains the league’s leading rusher with 1,164 yards. AP remains far and away the best weapon the Vikings have so expect the Seahawks to stack the box up front and make QB Teddy Bridgewater beat them, which he won’t do.
Pick: Seahawks

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