Hawk’s 2016 NFL Picks: Week 7

By Brent “The Hawk” Walker
AFC BYE’S- none
NFC BYE’S- Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys
10-5 last week marks the best I have had so far. This puts me at 45-47 for the year. Hopefully I can get back into the green here and surpass .500 finally.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/IdYM-g3VHIk”]

New York Giants (3-3) at St Louis Rams (3-3)
(+2.5) (0/U 43.5)—In London
Hard to figure out this Giants team. Odelle Beckham Jr seems to be back though. He blew up for 222 yards and 2 Td’s on only 8 catches in a 27-23 win over the Ravens last week. He’s still a little bitch though in my opinion. His ongoing saga with the kicking net though is fairly entertaining I’ll give him that.
[arve url=”https://youtu.be/ixssEnf-Jgs”]

Pick: Giants

New Orleans Saints (2-3) at Kansas City Chiefs  (3-2)
(-6.5) (O/U 50.5)

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Hawk’s 2016 NFL Picks: Week 4

By Brent “The Hawk” Walker

Week 4 Byes: Green Bay Packers, Philadelphia Eagles

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Really rough week for me yet again going 6-10 for the second time in a row, which puts me at 21-27 for the year. Good God! In my defense this season has been nuts so far.
But still I have to get my shit together. Time to rebound.
Indianapolis Colts (1-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3) (in Wembley Stadium, London)
(+2.5.) (O/U 49.0)
 So they’re doing the whole play NFL games in London thing again this year. I think there is two more.  I’m not a big fan of them myself. I don’t like missing any football ever and I will not be up for the 6:30 am kickoff.
Besides, it’s such a long commute for both teams and usually ends up being a lousy game.
Depends on which team can handle the jet lag better I guess.
Pick: Jaguars

Hawk’s 2016 NFL Picks: Texans at Patriots

By Brent “The Hawk” Walker
Houston Texans (2-0) at New England Patriots (+1.5) (O/U 40.5) 
Houston’s defense dominated the Chiefs last week in a 19-12 win, redeeming themselves from an embarrassing 30-0 loss in the Wildcard round last year.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/A_EwY1TKjb0″]

Brock Osweiller still has a lot to prove, his stat line last week was 19/33 for 268 yards a Td and two picks, which is pretty erratic. Turnovers will kill you in this league so he has got to clean it up.

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Hawk’s 2016 NFL Picks: Week 2

Started off strong in the early games last week, but  faded in the late ones, finishing up with a 9-7 week 1 record.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/gOu–iRBTtg”]

What a hell of a start to the year though as 11 of the 16 games were decided by one possession, including a few dramatic comebacks. Most notably the Chiefs coming back from a 24-3 deficit late in the 3rd quarter to take it to OT. Here’s to hoping for another exciting week.
Cincinnati Bengals (1-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0)
(-3.0) (O/U 48.5)
Cincy scraped out a 23-22 victory over the Jets in week 1,with a game winning Mike Nugent field goal with less than a minute left in the game.
Pittsburgh took only a 14-6 lead over the Redskins into halftime before blowing them out of the water in the second and winning 38-16.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/H1Yvqrd0tX0″]

The Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown combo was once again dominating as Brown would haul in 8 catches for 126 yards and two Td’s. One of the better rivalries in football today, but the Steelers are incredibly dangerous and it’s in Pittsburgh.
Pick: Steelers

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Hawk’s 2015 NFL Preview: AFC East

Hawk’s Preview of the AFC East, which includes the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New Yor…kk.k.k. Jets…..(puking sounds)….and the New England Patriots. FUCK THE PATRIOTS

Buffalo Bills

This team was one of the biggest surprises of 2014 at 9-7 and falling just shy of a playoff berth. This was mainly do to a dominating defense led by LB Mario Williams and DT Marcell Dareus who combined for 24.5 overall sacks. Williams had 14.5 sacks, 4th best in the league, Dareus had 10, 15th best. An already dominating defense that ranked 4th best in yards allowed will get even better this season with the addition of new head coach Rex Ryan who has one of the best defensive minds of all time.
Offensively this team needed to improve a 25th ranked running attack and what better way to do it then to trade for Lesean McCoy whom I believe is the best back in the game at this time. His speed, vision and ability to catch the ball makes him a rare talent that few can match.

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Hawk’s NFL Picks: Week 6

It was an exciting week 5 of football as we had a lot of close games. 10 of the 14 games were won by 7 points or less, and two went into overtime. Managed a 9-5 record to put me at 43-34, and just like that here comes week 6:

Team byes: Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, St, Louis Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars
Once again my rule is in effect, when two shitty teams face off, go for the home team. I need a name for this. I also think Jacksonville is going to start turning the corner a little bit as their offense really clicked last week in Tampa Bay. Blake Bortles threw for 303 yards and 4 TD’s.
Pick: Jaguars

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SNL, Bill Nye, CNN Take on Deflategate, Get it Right

“I’d like to spend the remainder of my press conference throwing my quarterback under the bus”
-Bill Belichick


Honestly, right now, I don’t give two shits about Deflategate. By February 2nd I might, depending on whether or not the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl. Then again, no matter what the ruling, if one is made, it won’t affect who wins on February 1st.

But if there’s any positive to it, its that the world is taking a shit on the Patriots, here are three examples from SNL, Bill Nye, and CNN. #GoSeahawks

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