NBA 2K15’s Momentous Trailer Means It’s Almost Gametime

No holds barred, no time for move fakin’…


 Its the most wonderful time ooof the yeeeeaaaar!

Fact: Andy Williams released that song (if you don’t know what song I’m talking about, click the hyperlink above) on October 14th, 1963. NBA 2K15 releases October 7th. Coincidence? I think not.

Yes, ladies and gentleman, its that time of the year where 2K Sports treats us to the NBA 2K Momentous trailer. The song you hear in it is Scenario by A Tribe Called Quest (of whom Maximus, who tipped me off on this trailer, is a fan). Last years had Macklemore, for those of you wanting to know.

#LetsGetTwitchy – Borderlands 2 PC Playthrough EP2

DouBle B continues his travels in Borderlands 2

Today around 5pm PST I’m gonna continue my Borderlands 2 PC Playthrough. You’re more than free to join me if you have the game, I’m not the greatest but I fucking love playing it. Or just sign up for Twitch and follow PlayItBlack, you can even login via Facebook Smartphone users can set alerts to when we’re broadcasting live.

Soooo…sign up and ask me questions with the handy messenger tool. I’d love to hear from you.

Even if they are stupid fucking questions.




#LetsGetTwitchy – NBA 2K14 MyGM with DouBle B EP5

It’s an exciting week for fans of the NBA 2K franchise..

meaning mahfuckers like me who know why it is, in fact, an exciting week. For those who have no friggin’ clue what I’m talking about, just check out the new “Yakkem” trailer for NBA 2K15. It’s ridiculous. GD ridiculous. Look at this shot of The Birdman (just ignore the ghostly eyes):

I just got off work. I have two options options: NBA 2k14 Twitch style or Godzilla, which just came out on digital. I’m gonna go vvvvvvvvvideo games first, then Godzilla. I know, exciting.

But you CAN watch me play video games (I may have to pull a switcheroo to Battlefield 4 or something else) on Twitch starting at roughly 5pm PST or earlier. Enough typing, I gotta go kick some ass. Click on the pic with LeBron below to see the live feed for yourself. You can also catch the broadcast by hitting this link: PlayItBlack on

#LetsGetTwitchy with NBA 2K14 on the XBox One. DouBle B is gonna get down with some MyGM mode with his Supersonics


#LetsGetTwitchy – The Darkness 2 PC Walkthrough Pt 1 With DouBle B

At some point after tonights preseason display of THE DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPION SEAHAWKS……I, Brett Black aka DouBle B am very excited to try out 2K Games FPS psychological horror game The Darkness II on my new PC. I will also be broadcasting the game and answering questions live on Twitch…so excuse me if I slur my words a little from time to time. I’m usually very articulate.

The game itself actually came out in early February 2012, I had always planned on picking it up, but time suckers like Skyrim and NBA 2K definitely played a part in my delay. Now its time to catch up and play a game that I will warn you looks extremely violent, in a hack and slash, entrails and brains spilled all over the place horror film way.

Excited yet? Tune into the PlayItBlack Twitch channel here, or just watch the live feed below. I should be getting on there sometime between 9:30-10pm PST.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Darkness 2 PC walkthrough, session one.
Watch live video from playitBlack on