#LetsGetTwitchy – NBA 2K14 MyGM with DouBle B and Hawk

After successfully posting Hawk’s 2014 NFL Preview: AFC East Edition, they’re back on Twitch playing some NBA 2K14 MyGM Mode with their Seattle Supersonics.

You can watch the live feed on the site by simply clicking the picture with LeBron James below. Enjoy the show, ask us questions, tell us we suck, give us pointers on our 2K game.

We should be tipping off around 1045pst.
#GoSeahawks by the way.

You can also catch the broadcast by hitting this link: PlayItBlack on Twitch.tv.


Hawk’s 2014 NFL Preview: AFC East Edition

Note from DouBle B: The muthaeffin’ NFL season is upon us!…on September 4th at least. Before the regular season kicks off we’ve got some predictions from Brent “The Hawk” Walker, starting with the AFC East. Look for the AFC North estimates on Monday or Tuesday. The plan is to have all eight divisions up before the regular season starts.
Without further ado, behold the power of Hawk’s 2014 NFL Preview: AFC East Edition

UPDATED 9/1: for other divisions just click on the name below:

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Buffalo Bills

“Win it for Wilson” will be the motto for the Bills this year. Ralph Wilson that is. Owner of the team for an incredible 54 years before passing away last March at age 95. This is an up and coming team full of young talent like EJ Manuel, Robert Woods, and now their electric 4th overall pick Sammy Watkins, who broke numerous school receiving records during his career at Clemson. Manuel showed flashes of potential last year but missed several games due to injury, symptoms of a piss poor offensive line that gave up 48 sacks. He got hammered, and often. Buffalo drafted 3 offensive lineman  to try to correct it.

Believe it or not this team was in the top 10 in terms of yards allowed last season, with a sack friendly defense that had the 2nd most in the NFL. Losing Kiko Alonso for the year to a torn ACL will be a huge blow though. He was a candidate for defensive rookie of the year last season.

Manuel has better weapons now with the signings of Mike Williams and Watkins, in addition to Woods who set a Bills franchise rookie record with 40 grabs last year. If the line gives Manuel protection, I predict a much improved team from last years 6-10 record. They’ll still fall just short of the playoffs.






#LetsGetTwitchy – The Darkness 2 PC Walkthrough Pt 1 With DouBle B

At some point after tonights preseason display of THE DEFENDING SUPER BOWL CHAMPION SEAHAWKS……I, Brett Black aka DouBle B am very excited to try out 2K Games FPS psychological horror game The Darkness II on my new PC. I will also be broadcasting the game and answering questions live on Twitch…so excuse me if I slur my words a little from time to time. I’m usually very articulate.

The game itself actually came out in early February 2012, I had always planned on picking it up, but time suckers like Skyrim and NBA 2K definitely played a part in my delay. Now its time to catch up and play a game that I will warn you looks extremely violent, in a hack and slash, entrails and brains spilled all over the place horror film way.

Excited yet? Tune into the PlayItBlack Twitch channel here, or just watch the live feed below. I should be getting on there sometime between 9:30-10pm PST.
Ladies and gentlemen, The Darkness 2 PC walkthrough, session one.
Watch live video from playitBlack on www.twitch.tv

Lets Get Twitchy – NBA 2K14 MyGM with DouBle B and Hawk EP 2

Tonight Hawk has come over to DouBle B‘s to work on his 2014 NFL  Preview and play some NBA 2K14‘s MyGM, live on Lets Get Twitchy.

You can also catch the broadcast by hitting this link: PlayItBlack on Twitch.tv.

Watch live video from playitBlack on www.twitch.tv

#LetsGetTwitchy – Borderlands 2 with DouBle B

Today between 6:15 and 6:30pm PST DouBle B will be getting Twitchy with Gearbox Software‘s fantastic sci-fi FPS Borderlands 2. Granted, he’s not that great at it, buuuuut he would absolutely love to answer your questions.
Even if they are stupid fucking questions.

#LetsGetTwitchy – NBA 2K MyGM vs Lebron and Knicks

Get ready for a treat. DouBle B and Hawk are playing some NBA 2K14 on the XBox One.
Thats about it.
Watch live video from playitBlack on www.twitch.tv

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