Dragon Age Inquisition’s Launch Trailer Sees Skies of Blue

“And I think to myself,
what a wonderful world”…


Dragon Age Inquisition finally hits store shelves tomorrow, or, for you digital download types, tonight at midnight. I’m more of the latter, but I’m undecided on whether or not I’ll actually get it tonight or not, look at the next post for an explanation of that one.

Anyhoo, heres a fantastic launch trailer showing off the gorgeous (and yes, some are terrifying) locations you can visit in the game. The song is none other than “What a Wonderful World“, originally made famous by Louis Armstrong, but this time performed by Joseph William Morgan featuring Shadow Royale.

Full Length Trailer for the Marco Polo Netflix Series (+Gallery)

Bow down to Kublai Khan!…


Today Netflix released the first official trailer for their epic new series Marco Polo, which tells of the famed 13th century Venetian trader/explorer (played by newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy) and his days a a ward of the mighty Mongol emperor Kublai Khan (in the first season at least). Originally intended for the Starz network, it’s produced by The Weinstein Company, and I am very much looking forward to it.

The beauty of it being released on Netflix is that the full ten episode first season is slated to release on December 12th. cost about $90 million, so you know they’re going balls to the wall on this one. Click on the picture below to see a gallery of screencaps from the trailer.


Here’s a Vine of Lance Stephenson’s Self Face Slap Flop

Lance Stephenson continues to refine the entire game of basketball…

I’ve had a long couple days of work and play. Starting next week we’re gonna start doing some sort of Sunday posts segments involving user submissions. So submit away to brett@doublebreviews.com. I’ll try to get in the habit of checking it more.


It’s hard for me to find time, energy, and motivation with when watching football takes a lot up all three of those things on Sundays. hanging with friends,  and actually having the  I haven’t thought of the entire format yet but that’s the basics of it.

Anyhow, this site is, and will always be in some sense or another, a work in progress. I am a self taught fledgling web programmer or whatever the fuck you call me and I am always trying to make the site look and function better.

That said, the above Vine of Lance Stephenson‘s Self Face Slap Flop he pulled against Golden State is an embed test. I probably won’t do much to correct it past this point, even if it looks like shit. I’m gonna go watch some more football.

Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 11 Edition

Huge matchup for the Seahawks against the supposed loudest outdoor stadium in sports, and the Chiefs too…

Welcome to The Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 11 Edition.

Lets just get right to it:


DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 – Week 12: Weekend Edition (With Week 11 Recap)

Update: We’ve got family representation at the Mississippi State vs Bama game (which Bama currently leads 19-13 in the third), E-9 First Sergeant Eric Bohannon!



 Welcome to DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 Week 12: Weekend Edition. Since there was no Thursday or Friday Edition (due to the fact there were no Top 25 games), heeeeeeeeeeres…

Week 11 Recap (with last week’s rank in parenthesis):

By my count I went 15-3 last week, which I believe is the best I’ve done all season (thank you TCU, Baylor, ASU, and OSU). You can see those picks HERE and HERE.

As for the three I didn’t pick, we can start with the Huskies, who lost to UCLA 44-30, but really, it wasn’t that close. I was hoping Washington would come out and “play their best game of the season…but it was more like…

Then there was Auburn. For fucks sake they were a 23.5 point favorite, how was I gonna pick that one? By the way, I don’t pick for the spread or whatever they say, I don’t know gambling terms that well. AND DAMNIT THAT FUMBLE! Final Score: Texas A&M 41, Auburn 38.

I wasn’t very excited about the West Virginia / Texas game in the first place, and it was only a 3 point line, but I really didn’t think Texas would pull it off. 33-16 Longhorns.

Now its on to this week’s action with some rapid fire picks, I wanna get back to some sleep tonight.


Mississippi St’s #Hailstate Highlight Video For The Bama Game

“I do it for you,
I do it for you,
I do it for you,
I do it for you”…


I had a busy day at work after a night of no sleep, followed up with a viewing of Interstellar at the IMAX, so I am admittedly flat out beat right now. Luckily for me, theres no Top 25 College Football games until the weekend, so you’ll see my picks tomorrow night sometime after I get off work.

In the meantime, the #1 Mississippi State Bulldogs have the biggest game in the school’s football program history on Saturday against #5 Alabama Crimson Tide (12:30pm pst on CBS), and the school released the what I’m going to assume is their weekly #HailState Highlight video…but this one seems to be a little more special than all the rest.

The Wednesday Video Dump – 11/12/14

Two handpicked selections from each category…


Welcome back to The Wednesday Video Dump, where each Wednesday (or every other, depending on my schedule) I will handpick two videos (or,in some cases, Vines), new or old, from each category that we cover on the site (Video Games, Movies/TV, Sports, Music, and Whatever).

To see the videos, just click on the corresponding picture below the category banner.

Today we’ve got a cricket announcer scared shitless that his car was hit, a teaser for a proposed Iron Sky sequel, Charles Bradley killin’ it on KEXP, Tosh.0 catchin’ ESPN in the act, Far Cry 4 101, and much more.


Far Cry 4 101

A launch trailer for Grand Theft Auto V