Hawk’s 2014 NFL Preview: NFC North Edition


Detroit Lions

How in the hell did this team not win the division last season? Not only did the Lions start the season 6-3 in a group that ended up being won by the 8-7-1 Packers, but Cutler missed 5 starts to injury and Rodgers missed 7 starts. Matthew Stafford and his team choked big time, finishing 7-9. Stafford had 14 turnovers during that stretch.

Calvin Johnson is still the best receiver in the business. What a physical specimen he is. The Hail Mary catch in triple coverage against the Bengals might have been the highlight of the year. As good as he is he needs some help from time to time, and he’s got it this season. Detroit signed Golden Tate, as well as drafting tight end Eric Ebron who many scouts had as the top tight end prospect. These are great upgrades for a team whose second and third leading receivers last year were running backs Reggie Bush and Joique Bell.

Tate will be a great second option for them. Teams key in and double team Calvin a lot. This should leave a lot of one on one looks for Tate whose best skill is his ability to gain yards after contact.
Villainous Ndamukong Suh, on the list of Americas most hated athletes every year, is the biggest name on this average defense. Detroit’s secondary is questionable. Not good in a division that have Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers led offenses. The secondary needs to step it up to have any success.

Not sure what is wrong with this team. they seem to have a talented roster every year but continuously underachieve. I think they just lack discipline and an inability to handle success. If newly hired head coach Jim Caldwell (who replaces the fired Jim Schwartz) can correct those things they could be a contender. If not who knows. The jury is still out.

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