Hawk’s 2014 NFL Preview: AFC South Edition


Tennessee Titans


University of Washington alums Jake Locker and Bishop Sankey are expected to lead a mediocre Titans offense this season. Locker enters his fourth year as a starter and has yet to become the franchise quarterback that was expected, mainly do to constant injuries. The hiring of head coach Ken Whisenhunt, who has had a lot of success with quarterbacks in the past will hopefully improve Locker’s play. Tennessee’s top two receivers last year were Kendall Wright and Nate Washington. Not exactly big name guys. Locker will have to progress significantly as a quarterback, and his offensive line will have to improve to make the offense flow.

Sankey was the first rookie running back drafted and should immediately start after Chris Johnson fled to the New York Jets. Sankey broke the Huskies single season rushing record last season, which was previously held by Corey Dillon. Because I am a former UW student I am excited to see what he does this year.

I can’t really comment too much on the defense of this team because my knowledge is limited. Not a whole lot of names I recognize other then Jurrell Casey who was 16th in the league in sacks. Him and of course one of my all time favorite players Bernard “The Patriots Killer” Pollard, who lead the team in tackles.

I hate the Patriots more than any other professional sports team in the world and Pollard has a history of injuring Patriots players. This includes knocking out Tom Brady in 2008 with a torn ACL. Other victims on his resume; Wes Welker, torn ACL. Rob Gronkowski, sprained ankle in the 2011 AFC Championship that essentially made “Gronk” a non factor in that years Super Bowl loss to the Giants. Last but not least. Steven Ridley; 2 years ago in the AFC Championship; a concussion that caused a game swinging fumble. Pollard would go on to win the Super Bowl against the 49ers that year as a Raven.

Like all the teams in this division sans the Colts. An average team. 9-7 at best.