Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 2 Edition


Dolphins over Bills


Tough one to call. Fins over Pats and Bills over Bears were two of week 1’s biggest upsets. Loving how Knowshon Moreno looks in a Dolphins uniform. He does what he did last week and I think he’s the difference in this game. Not to mention Ryan Tannehill is still a step ahead of EJ Manuel in experience and skill set.

Lions over Panthers


Cam Newton is back, and this team still rocks one of the best defenses in this game. Mathew Stafford should ge pressured a lot. But if he’s smart and makes dump offs to his backs and Golden Tate, he should be fine. Oh yeah and he can always just lob it up for Megatron (who once again looks unstoppable) when he’s in trouble.

Bengals over Falcons


Matt Ryan has all his weapons back and had a career day against the Saints in terms of yards thrown. But the Bengals have one of the most balanced teams in the league. Dalton can keep up with Ryan, and the Bengals defense can keep Ryan contained.

Saints over Browns


The Saints lost in Atlanta in one of the best games of the day in week one. We all know New Orleans struggles on the road, and this one is in Cleveland, but there is just no way this team goes 0-2.

Cleveland played with a lot of heart in their opener against Pittsburgh, coming back from a 24 point deficit. But Drew Brees is just too damn good to have much problems with the Browns

Patriots over Vikings


Don’t get me wrong, I will be rooting for the Vikings all game. But unexpectedly losing one of the NFL’s top running backs, Adrian Peterson, a couple days before game time does not bode well. If they some how pull off the win and make the Pats 0-2, anyone who comes to my bar next week and says “fuck the Patriots” gets a beer on me.

Cardinals over Giants


Looking like it might be another long year for Eli Manning. Poor bastard. He has a special place in my heart after beating the Pats in two Super Bowls. I want him to succeed, but I don’t see him winning this game either. That Cardinals secondary is tough. They will capitalize on any mistakes Eli makes.

Titans over Cowboys


The 49ers did not look good against the Cowboys in week one. The Cowboys just looked that bad. 3 first half picks for Romo. We have a small sample to work with, but Dallas might be the worst team in the league.

Jake Locker looked good against a tough Kansas City defense, throwing for 266 yards and two TD’s, leading his team to a sound 26-10 victory. Watch out for the Titans if Locker stays healthy and performs like that again.

Jaguars over Redskins


Jacksonville roared out to a 17-0 lead in the first half of their game against Philly last week, then promptly shit the bed. Losing 34-17.

Washington put up a measly 6 points against the Texans in their 17-6 defeat. Both these teams could be pretty bad this year. But I will go with my guy Gus Bradley in this one, and give the Jaguars the edge.

Buccaneers over Rams


Another matchup between two bad teams. St. Louis got throttled 34-6 by a sub-par Vikings team that I still say only wins 5 games this year. Tampa Bay couldn’t handle backup quarterback Derek Anderson in their 20-14 defeat against Carolina. Gonna roll with the Buccaneers just because the Rams might be stuck playing their 3rd string quarterback again at some point.

Seahawks over Chargers


Aaron Rodgers didn’t target Richard Sherman once in week one. Rivers says he will. Rivers loves throwing picks. and he will throw 3 this week. Sherman possibly gets two.

The Seahawks beat the hell out of this team in preseason, when both teams played most of their starters for the first half. No reason to believe they won’t crush them again. 38-13 Seahawks

Broncos over Chiefs


Wes Welker is back, oh yeah and Emmanuel Sanders, Demaryious Thomas, and Julius Thomas are still there too. Kansas City did not look good last week. As I stated in my NFL Preview, the Chiefs are taking a huge step back this year from their 11-5 record. Broncos should handle them.

Packers over Jets


Despite getting an ass whooping by The Seahawks in the NFL season opener, I still believe the Packers are an elite team. Jets are better this year but I don’t think they have an answer for Rodgers, who looked like an average quarterback against the Seahawks. But trust me, he is not. Other then Peyton and Brees, he is the best in the game.

Texans over Raiders


It appears the Raiders are going with their rookie QB Derek Carr this year. It’s always rough for rookie QB to get used to the speed and pace of the NFL. Houston’s J.J Watt is still an assassin. He will eat Carr alive and the rookie will get frustrated early.

Bears over 49ers


How do you pickoff Tony Romo three times in the first half, go up 21-3 early, and still only win 28-10?

The 49ers are overrated.

They didnt look impressive to me in week one. I said San Francisco would miss the playoffs this season and I’m sticking to my guns. Jay Cutler and the Bears had a disappointing season debut, but trust me this offense is explosive.

There are my rapid fire picks for week 2. MNF‘s Eagles and Colts matchup will be done later this evening and will be much longer.

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