Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 13 Turducken Edition

 One bird, stuffed into another, stuffed into another…

Welcome to The Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 13 Turducken Edition.

Note from DouBle B: This past Sunday Hawk and I were celebrating the Seahawks dismantling of the Cards and he said we need a picture of a Turducken for this week’s NFL Picks, in honor of Thanksgiving. So behind the text in the pic above? That’s a deboned chicken, stuffed into a deboned duck, stuffed into a deboned turkey. AKA “The Turducken”. 

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Let’s get on to those NFL Picks from the Hawk!:   

A 9-5 record last week puts me 85-61-1 for the year. Some big big games on Thanksgiving this year. Can’t wait so lets get to it.

Week 13 Picks

Home team in CAPS (thanks for the suggestion Maximus).
Line according to ESPN.COM

No More Bye Weeks!


9:30PM PST on CBS
LIONS over Bears
Line: Det -7 O/U: 47.5


 After 2 straight losses the Lions are starting to look like a team that, just like last season, is going to crap out down the stretch. Their defense is still legit, at least statistically, but offensively they have struggled mightily, not scoring a touchdown in the last two contests. That should change in this one. Chicago’s pass defense is bad, 29th in the league, but they’ve won their last two games. I have no faith in Chicago or Jay Cutler, who was 17-27 for 130 yards and a TD against the 2-8 Buccaneers.

1:30PM PST on FOX
COWBOYS over Eagles
Line: Dal -3.5 O/U: 56


This is a toss up. Both these teams are 8-4, and winner takes sole lead in the NFC East. Philly beat Tennessee handily last week Despite Mark Sanchez‘s two picks, which puts him at 4 in two games. If Philly is gonna have a shot in this he can’t turn it over like that. Not in a big game on the road. Philly also gave up 345 passing yards to Zach Mettenberger, and he’s terrible. Rolling with the home team in this one.

5:30PM PST on NBC
Seahawks over 49ERS
Line: SF -1 O/U:40


Huge game here. Both teams are 7-4, vying for a playoff birth as well as trying to catch Arizona, who has 2 game lead in the division and the best record in the NFC.

Staying at home after only 3 days rest is huge advantage for the 49ers, but they barely beat the Giants and Redskins who are both awful, in back to back games. Seattle on the other hand completely dominated the Cardinals last week, winning 19-3, but trust me it could have easily been 31-3. Seattle’s defense looked like the dominant unit it was in 2013 for the first time all season.

The Seahawks are also the healthiest they have been all year, and just in time for a brutal final stretch of games. Seattle hasn’t won in San Francisco in the last 5 years, so they are due. Expect a low scoring, hard hitting battle between these two like usual. They not only hate each other, but there is a lot on the line in this game. I predict 3 on field scuffles between these teams and a 20-10 Seattle victory.

RAVENS over Chargers
Line: BAL -6 O/U: 46


Baltimore is a tough team and handled the Saints Monday Night in New Orleans. The AFC South is in a heated competition right now. Each time has 7 wins and are 3 games above .500 for the first time in NFL history. Baltimore is going to have to play hard to keep pace in it. San Diego is in trouble after a hot early season start, division rivals Denver and Kansas City are both better then them, and the AFC South could easily have 3 teams make the playoffs. So I’m taking Baltimore here.

BILLS over Browns
Line: BUF -2.5 O/U: 41


Buffalo’s defense has overlapped Detroit as the number 1 defense in the league in yards allowed. Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer is having a decent year, but not great. Hoyer had Josh “Flash” Gordon back last week and he immediately impacted the game with 8 catches for 122 yards. Hoyer still threw 3 picks though against Atlanta, who has the worst passing defense in the league, so what is Buffalo’s 6th best passing defense going to do to him?

TEXANS over Titans
Line: HOU -6.5 O/U: 43.5


Early report are that Texans quarterback Ryan Mallett is out for the year with a torn pectoral muscle after starting only his second career game. Most likely Ryan Fitzpatrick will get his job back. But he is pretty terrible so who knows? Whomever gets the start for Houston will hopefully have Arian Foster, who missed last week’s game, in the backfield.

On defense JJ Watt has a habit of eating quarterbacks alive. He especially likes to feast on young, inexperienced quarterbacks which is what Titans quarterback Mettenberger is. If Watt pressures him early he is going to make mistakes which will most likely give Houston the edge in this one.

COLTS over Redskins
Line: IND -10 O/U: 51.5

Washington just plain sucks this year. I was at a bar watching the Seahawks game against the Cardinals last week. One lone TV had the Redskins and 9ers game on, and every time I peeked at it RG3 was getting blasted. He must be the dumbest quarterback of all time. He has suffered injury after injury in his 3 years in the league and the dude still doesn’t know how to slide and avoid the hit.

This game should be a beat down. Colts are going to roll them, and if RG3 takes the kind of hits he did last week, he might not make it through the whole game.

JAGUARS over Giants
Line: NYG -3 O/U: 44.5


Giants are done. It’s bad enough they are on a 6 game losing streak, but they blew a 21-10 point halftime lead to Dallas last week, and lost 31-28 on a game winning Tony Romo touchdown with a minute to go in the 4th.

Talk about humiliating. You have to be a terrible team to let Tony Romo look clutch. Jacksonville is pretty bad too and are tied with Oakland for worst record in the league at 1-10, but they have been terrible for years so they are used to it. New York not so much, so they have to be pretty demoralized right now, and that could be the difference in what will most likely be an ugly game to watch.

VIKINGS over Panthers
Line: MIN -2.5 O/U: 43


The 3-7-1 Panthers could potentially take the lead in their division this week. If they win here and New Orleans loses in Pittsburgh, which is very likely, and Atlanta loses to Arizona, which is also very likely, they’ll be at the top of the NFC South. This is so sad it’s hilarious. I’m rolling with the Vikings in this one just because I think they are a little bit better.

STEELERS over Saints
Line: PIT -4.5 O/U: 54


Fact: the Saints can not win on the road. Hell, apparently they can’t win at home either after 3 straight loses there. I don’t think Pittsburgh is as good as their 6-4 record might indicate, but I do think they are good enough to beat the surprisingly awful Saints.

RAMS over Raiders
Line: STL -7 O/U: 42


Well I’ll be damned the Raiders finally got a win. Their first in over a whole calendar year, and against a good Chiefs squad too. Oakland can thank the Seahawks for that. Seattle’s hard hitting defense wears teams down, and the Chiefs had to play 4 days after their match up. No doubt they were still bruised and banged up from that game when they flew into Oakland.

St. Louis is currently 4-7 and have beaten some pretty good teams. With the exception of a few years at Tennessee Jeff Fisher teams usually end up finishing at about .500 every season. St. Louis wins this game and Fisher probably gets close to .500 mark again this year.

Bengals over BUCCANEERS
Line: CIN -4 O/U: 44


The 2-9 Buccaneers are terrible but yet they are only two games out of first place in the NFC South. Cincinnati seems to be finding their groove again. They should have no trouble with Tampa Bay.

1:05PM PST on FOX
FALCONS over Cardinals
Line: ARI -3 O/U: 44.5


I have a tendency in my picks to go with my heart instead of my head. I want Arizona to lose, therefore I pick them to lose. Even though it is an upset pick, it’s not all that far fetched. the 4-7 Falcons are in first place in their division, so they have something to play for. Being at home helps too. Arizona has an incredible run defense but Atlanta doesn’t run anyways, and Arizona has an unimpressive offense all around, especially with Drew Stanton back there. It should be a low scoring, ugly game but Atlanta has two explosive receivers in Julio Jones and Roddy White. One big play down the field by either one of those guys might just be enough to win it. If not they still have a good change to keep the lead in the division depending on the results of the Panthers and Saints game at 4-8. Good lord!

1:25PM PST on CBS
PACKERS over Patriots
Line: GB -3 O/U: 59


These two teams have two of the best records in the league and two of the most high scoring offenses as well. This should be a fun one to watch and will most likely be high scoring. Its hard to win in against either one of these teams in their home stadiums. I expect the fact that it is in Green Bay to make the difference, and for Aaron Rodgers and crew to pull out the W.

5:30PM PST on NBC
BRONCOS over Chiefs
Line: DEN 2.5 O/U: 50.5


Kansas City has a decent 7-4 record, but the truth of the matter is they are incredibly one dimensional offensively. They have Jamaal Charles and that’s about it. Alex Smith still has yet to throw a touchdown to a receiver, which is insane to think about. Every TD he has thrown has been to a running back or a tight end. Denver relies heavily on their passing attack so one can argue that they are pretty one dimensional too. But it’s hard to get a running attack going when your backs have been hurt most of the year. C.J Anderson is the 3rd starting running back they’ve had, but after his 167 yard performance last week he might be the best.
If Denver can get some balance on offense they are a tough match up for anyone.

5:30PM on ESPN/WatchESPN
Dolphins over JETS
Line: MIA -7 O/U: 42


Miami played Denver tough last week, taking a 28-17 in to the final quarter before Peyton rallied his troops and put up 22 4th quarter points, leading his team to a 39-36 comeback.

Buffalo blew out the Jets for the second time this year. Ironically enough the last time they lost to Buffalo Geno Smith got benched in favor of Michael Vick and this time Michael Vick got benched in favor of Geno Smith. This team just can not seem to get the quarterback position right, no matter how hard they try. Miami is decent this year, and should take it.

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