Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 11 Edition

Yikes! what a debacle last week was for me. A pitiful 5-7 record puts me at an overall record of 71-48-1 for the year. As embarrassing as week 10 was for me the show must go on. So here we go again

Week 11 Picks

Home team in CAPS (thanks for the suggestion Maximus).

Week 11 byes: Dallas, New York Jets, Jacksonville, Baltimore

Falcons over PANTHERS


Carolina is falling apart right before our eyes. Their 3-6-1 record is unimpressive as is, but they are not just losing, they are losing badly. They are currently on a 4 game losing streak. During that stretch the Panthers have lost by an average of 17 points. I think Cam Newton is one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the league, he has been pretty banged up all year, which has surely affected his play. But more concerning is his poor decision making. 25 quarterbacks currently have a better QB rating then him. This is his 4th year as a starter, he should be much much better then he is. Haven’t really watched much of the Falcons this year and they aren’t much better at 3-6 but I’m gonna roll with them in this game based on how bad Carolina has looked lately.

Vikings over BEARS


 I don’t know how many times I can say it but Jay Cutler is absolutely terrible. offensive weapons everywhere but apparently not enough. What an absolute debacle of a game in Green Bay last week where Chicago fell behind 42-0 at halftime. The Bears’ defense clearly can’t get it done any more then Cutler can get it done, and it won’t get easier for him this week when he faces the Vikings, a team currently rocking the 3rd best pass defense in the league. If Teddy Bridgewater can continue to play as well as he has been, combined with that passing defense they have the edge in this one.

Texans over BROWNS


Houston is finally benching quarterback Ryan Fitzpatick. About damn time. How hard is it to throw the ball to Andre Johnson? a lot of people think that Johnson is declining and aging. I disagree. He’s only 33 and he’s still a beast. I just think Fitzpatrick is so bad he makes him appear like he is declining.

Former Arkansas QB Ryan Mallet will get the start instead. I’m curious to see how this kid can do in his first NFL start. With a strong running back in Arian Foster and a mean defensive line that can create turnovers, he may not have to do much. Houston’s Defense will get Jadeveon Clowney returning back from an injury in this game. He and J.J Watt will be up in Brian Hoyer‘s grill all game. It still hasn’t registered in my brain that Cleveland is 6-3 and leading their division. Needless to say It can’t be possible for them to improve to 7-3. right?

Seahawks over CHIEFS


Let the battle of the 6-3 teams commence. Expect this to be a hard fought, tough game. Seattle’s Century Link Field had the Guinness World record for loudest outdoor stadium. Then Kansas City’s Arrowhead surpassed it, then Century Link again and then it got rebroken again by Arrowhead. But they cheated by having fans and cheerleaders crowding around the Decibel meter reader, Seattle fans weren’t allowed near it.

Anyways for those who don’t know, Kansas City and Seattle used to be in the same division and played each other all the time. So I am excited to see them face off this week. Playoff chances of the winner in this game will improve drastically so there is a lot to play for. Offensively these teams are very similar. They both rely heavily on their running backs. Lynch for Seattle and Charles for Kansas City. Neither has big names at the receiver position and both have quarterbacks that don’t usually make many mistakes. Seattle has one of the best running defenses in the league. We will see if that continues after the loss of run stopper Brandon Mebane, who is out for the year. If they can shut down Jamaal Charles without Mebane I think they will win, but its gonna be close.

Seahawks 24 Chiefs 20

SAINTS over Bengals


I can’t believe the Saints blew that game against the 49ers. They had a 3 point lead with less then 2 minutes to go in the game. It was 49ers ball 4th and 10 and Kapernick bombed a 51 yard completion to a wide open Crabtree. It was a complete defensive breakdown for the Saints who didn’t have a defender within 10 yards of Crabtree. They turned it into a game tying field goal but Brees still had time to retake the lead. On the last play of the 4th quarter Brees threw a hail mary to Jimmy Graham who caught it but was penalized for offensive pass interference. A weak call. San Francisco’s defender flopped big time. San Fran would later win in OT. Cincinnati has not played well lately and New Orleans always plays better at home. So I think they win here. It sure would be hilarious if they lost though as they could still potentially be in first place in their division at 4-6.

GIANTS over 49ers


Could be bias here as I hate the 49ers. Could be that I am picking mostly the away teams to win this week. Could be because the Giants played the Seahawks tough last week, at least for the first 3 and half quarters. Could be that I picked the 9ers to miss the playoffs at the beginning of the year. Could be that historically the 3000 miles trek from the West coast to the East coast in 10am games is brutal on the visitors.  Could be that San Fran lost one of their best defenders in Patrick Willis for the year. Either way despite the fact that my upset picks didn’t work out so well last week, I’m picking the upset here.

Broncos over RAMS


Peyton got what seems to be his traditional yearly slip up against New England out of the way, but is back to his dominating ways. St. Louis is always competitive in the tough NFC west every year. But don’t usually have a lot of success outside of the division. That is how coach Jeff Fischer likes to build his teams. Broncos roll them.

 REDSKINS over Buccaneers


Washington is 3-6 and the Bucs are 1-8. Needless to say this has the makings of the shittiest game of the week. Thus I will surpass talking about these two crap teams and just pick the Redskins to win it.

CHARGERS over Raiders


Are the Raiders going to win a game this year? not sure. They are currently 0-9 and have to fly to San Diego this week. Despite the winless record the Raiders are sticking with rookie Derek Carr as their starting QB. Carr was awful last week against Denver he was 4-of-16 on throws more than 5 yards. That is pathetic. with San Diego currently holding down the 7th best past defense in the league I don’t expect him to have much more success this week. It might be time to give Matt Schaub a shot again soon.

Lions over CARDINALS


Detroit still has the number one defense in the NFL in yards and points allowed. This is way too big of a task for backup quarterback Drew Stanton to be able to deal with. He replaces the injured Carson Palmer who will be out for the year with a torn ACL. Arizona has a pretty fierce defense too but Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate have proven themselves to be a formidable receiving duo, who are hard for anyone to stop. Lions win in a low scoring affair.

PACKERS over Eagles


This should be a high scoring affair as both Philadelphia and Green Bay average about 31 points a game. In high scoring games you roll with the better and more experienced quarterback and that is Aaron Rodgers who threw for 6 TDs last week….in the first half. Mark Sanchez has played extremely well in the two games since Foles went down and appears to be thriving in Chip Kelly‘s offense. Philly fans seem pleased with him so far and they are a hard to please. Sanchez still has to put together several more good games to try to redeem himself in america eyes though. Who can forget the infamous butt fumble?

Packers continue where they left off last week and get the W.

COLTS over Patriots


While the Packers and Eagles will most likely have a high scoring game, this matchup has the makings of an even higher scoring matchup. Indianapolis’s offense is number 1 in points per game. New England is number 3. Andrew Luck is the main reason for that as Indy doesn’t have much of a run game. Luck leads the league in yards thrown, and is second behind only Peyton Manning in TD passes. Indianapolis was destroyed in the playoffs last year by these same Pats. This game should show how much better, if at all, the Colts are then last year. And show how feasible my AFC champion Colts pick really is.

Steelers over TITANS


What the hell is up with the Steelers? No seriously? Big Ben throws for 12 Tds in two games, the Steelers put up 94 points in those two games and they follow that up with a loss to the Jets? I can’t figure this team out. I am tempted to pick the Titans in this one. If the Steelers can lose to the Jets they can certainly lose to the Titans. But I need to redeem myself after last week.

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