Badass “The Kubrick Trilogy” Art Series by Tracie Ching

My God, its full of stars!…


 I’m most def a big fan of the dearly departed director Stanley Kubrick. It’s nearly impossible for to say which of his films I like the best (Nearly. I plan on a top ten list in the near future). I’m also a big fan of Stanley Kubrick Art. Thats why when I saw these on Geek Tyrant I had to put em on here too.

Artist Tracie Ching perfectly captured the feel of three of the directors finest in her showcase titled The Kubrick Trilogy, which has stylish poster versions of The Shining, Dr Strangelove, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. They are all part of  Kubrick – An Art Show Tribute at the Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco, an exhibition that began on September 6th and includes over 60 other artists who “were invited to re-image their favorite characters, scenes, and thematic concepts from one of the world’s most prolific directors”. Seriously, theirs some insanely cool pieces in there,  if you’re in the area (like I wish I was) go check em out.

Click on the photo below to see the full pics from Tracy Ching’s The Kubrick Trilogy.


Simpsons + Family Guy Crossover EW Covers

“The Simpsons Guy” will air September 28th…


Its been about 18 years since I’ve watched a “new” episode of The Simpsons, and I was never much of a Family Guy…guy, but Hawk sent me a link to a slideshow that gives a sneak peek at the crossover episode (which will actually be Family Guy’s 13th season opener) and I’m thinkin’ I’ll give it a shot.

On Wednesday Entertainment Weekly released three different covers in anticipation of the episode (which airs September 28th) the first showing Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin euphorically munching on some donuts (seen above). The second cover has Bart Simpson and Stewie Griffin, both dressed like Bart has for the last twenty five years, and aiming sling shots directly at you. The third has Lisa Simpson staring in astonishment as Meg Griffin wails on the saxamaphone. Theres a link to the final two under the video below, which gives a five minute preview of the episode.