Lets Get Twitchy – NBA 2K14 MyGM with DouBle B and Hawk EP 2

Tonight Hawk has come over to DouBle B‘s to work on his 2014 NFL  Preview and play some NBA 2K14‘s MyGM, live on Lets Get Twitchy.

You can also catch the broadcast by hitting this link: PlayItBlack on Twitch.tv.

Watch live video from playitBlack on www.twitch.tv

#LetsGetTwitchy – Borderlands 2 with DouBle B

Today between 6:15 and 6:30pm PST DouBle B will be getting Twitchy with Gearbox Software‘s fantastic sci-fi FPS Borderlands 2. Granted, he’s not that great at it, buuuuut he would absolutely love to answer your questions.
Even if they are stupid fucking questions.

#LetsGetTwitchy – NBA 2K MyGM vs Lebron and Knicks

Get ready for a treat. DouBle B and Hawk are playing some NBA 2K14 on the XBox One.
Thats about it.
Watch live video from playitBlack on www.twitch.tv

Welcome, One and All, To PlayItBlack.com

Yeah, its gonna be a work in progress.
But stay tuned for a lot of action from DouBle B, Hawk, and BMagic including Twitch, podcasts, movie, television, music talk, sports predictions, and general bullshitting from some generally interesting people. Even though posting may be a little slow at first, you should keep checking in as things will definitely pick up over the next year or so.