Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News – NY Fashion Week 2014, Featuring the Work of Teddy Ruxpin

Now, that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. A long time…

I was about to get ready for some more Destiny action, but then I watched this and knew I had to post it. Yes, its Jimmy Kimmel’s Lie Witness News – New York Fashion Week 2014.

New York Fashion Week is obviously a big fuckin’ deal, and the unfortunate victims in the video below got what they deserved…for sure. But I do feel for these fashion aficionados. They have an extreme peer pressure to know every fashion designer who has ever sewn an ill-fitting shirt.

Even it that ill-fitting shirt is by the great Teddy Ruxpin.


Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 2 Edition

Rapid fire style…


Welcome to The Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 2 Edition.

Hawk is a very busy man but he still took the time to give us his opinion on who’s gonna rule the gridiron in the second week of this glorious NFL season. Like the College Football Picks, we weren’t able to post one last week, so welcome to the first edition! I was gonna put up a highlight video of the Seahawks 36-16 dismantling of the Green Bay Packers in Week 1, but I can’t really find one to embed. Just click on the hyperlink that says “36-16”

Enough effin’ around:


GTA V Next Gen Release Date Revealed With Trailer, Screenshots

GTA V Next Gen should finally draw DouBle B back out to Los Santos…

Yesterday the geniuses at Rockstar Games finally revealed the release date for the GTA V Next Gen XBox One and PS4 versions to be November 18th, with the PC getting a January 27th, 2015 release. Rockstar promises all versions will look even better than the already fantastic looking XBox 360 and PS3 versions, with higher resolution, increased draw distances, new weapons, vehicles, wildlife, weather, and more.

A new trailer showing off these improvements made its way online yesterday too, titled “A Picket Fence and a Dog Named Skip“. Which is surely as humble and pleasant as it sounds:



DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 – Week 3: Weekend Edition

Thursday Friday CFB Picks went 2-0, lets see how I do on the weekend…


Who’s ready for another (semi) thrilling week of College Football? The reason for the (semi) is that by my count its the third straight week we’re not seeing too many great matchups on paper. Welllllll…

Week 2 Analysis:

(Last week rank in parenthesis)

The Big Ten SUCKED. Big time.

(7) Michigan State had an opportunity to make a gigantic statement against (3) Oregon, and they did. Well, maybe not gigantic, but the Spartans surely did make a statement: that maybe they’re just not good enough to be included amongst the four teams in the College Football Playoff. Maybe.

Or maybe Oregon is really that good. They’ll be tested for a couple times, but GD I would love to see a Pac-12 title game of undefeated Oregon and (14) USC squads. Speaking of the Trojans, they pulled out a 13-10 dub against (13) Stanford in very dramatic fashion. I can’t hate Coach Sark for going back there. I love the Trojans.

Back to my point that the Big Ten sucked:

Michigan got shut out for the first time since 1984, 31-0, against (16) Notre Dame no less. Boo.

(8) Ohio State got handled by unranked Virginia Tech 35-21. I think it coulda happened even with Braxton Miller.

(19) Nebraska barely escaped McNeese State, but there was a fantastic game winning td by Ameer Abdullah.

Anyways, I need to get these picks done. But first, check out some high school highlights from a current true freshman who might just be the next great college (and future NFL) receiver, Baylor’s KD Cannon, who I had another big game tonight in a 63-21 Bears victory over Buffalo. His totals through three games: 13 catches,  453 yards, and 5 touchdowns.

Click the link below the video to see my picks for Week 3.

I don’t know how I did in Week 1, but you should research that for me.


DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 – Week 3 Thursday/Friday Edition

Thursdays and Fridays games picked!…

Welcome to DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014, Week 3. Where was week 2 you ask? Well, it was…aaaaa…(mumbles something incoherent). Seriously though I was pretty busy training at the new job last week and I didn’t get around to it. Well…the new job, and Madden 15, which Hawk bought me for my bday. That’s no excuse though, I really want to get these out every week, even if they have to be a rapid fire edition like this weeks may be.

So, here’s the drill. Today I will be picking the two top 25 matchups, one each on Thursday and Friday. The rest of the top 25 + the Washington Huskies and WSU Cougars games will be picked rapid fire style tomorrow (Friday).

By the way, if you’re curious about the background pic in the headline, its of the 1915 Oklahoma Sooners Football team, who went 10-0, including a 102-0 triumph over NW Oklahoma. The current edition of the Sooners are involved in what I see as the marquee game of the weekend when they host the Tennessee Volunteers before roughly 80,000 at Memorial Stadium.

Really I don’t see much better than that in this relatively ho-hum appearing slate of top 25 matchups. Specifically I’m not too excited about that Georgia vs South Carolina tilt in the SEC, although I probably should be. Im just thinkin’ Georgia’s gonna beat the hell outta em.

Here’s some highlights of Oklahoma’s heavily hyped qb Trevor Knight. Click the link below the video to start seeing some picks.


#LetsGetTwitchy – DouBle B Plays Destiny E02

DouBle B contributes to his inevitable addiction to Destiny

Bungie‘s online persistent world fps Destiny, so far, is worthy of the hype in my opinion.

The thing is…I never really was much of a Halo guy, meaning I haven’t really played any of them at all. So what may seem like a very familiar feeling firefight to a Halo vet seems pretty damn fresh and entertaining to me. I also haven’t played any MMO’s, so what Destiny may or may not be doing wrong in the eyes of MMO vets has no bearing to me.

Everything I’ve experienced has been…once again…fresh, from the insanely crisp graphics, to the way strangers (who are real, actual human beings sitting somewhere hopefully enjoying the same experience I am) can help me take out groups of Fallen just because they happen to be in the same section of Old Russia (which is actually modern day Kazakhstan). I haven’t been to the Moon, Mars, or anywhere else yet, but I’m pretty jacked for that.

These are the Fallen. This is also the first piece of art that was released for Destiny. Badass huh?

I’m almost certain this game may become a Skyrim level addiction for me, and thats something I’ve always wanted to say about a good sci-fi fps. Hopefully Star Wars Battlefront can come close to Destiny. And as of now there is soooooo much about the game that I don’t have any friggin’ clue about. So many things to discover, ship upgrades to purchase, Easter Eggs to collect.

I can’t wait…though I need to for a few minutes, expect kickoff around 5:15pst.