DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 – New Years Edition

There can only be one…DouBle-Bs-CFB-Picks-2014-New-Years-Day-Edition


Welcome to DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 New Years Day Edition.

First off, my sincerest apologies for not picking EVERY Bowl game this year. Truth is I got slammed with work and didn’t have the time to complete em, so I said screw it and waited for this. Also, be on the lookout for my Top 10 Movies, Television, Video Games, and Music picks tomorrow night after I’m off work (yes, I work New Years Eve and New Years Day).

Today I’m gonna go rapid fire on picks for all games happening on New Years day, plus the Washington Huskies vs Oklahoma State and Kansas State vs UCLA matchups on the 2nd.

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Whose Got it Better than the 49ers? Meme By Hawk

These guys!…

Whose Got It Better Than The 49ers Meme by Hawk

Hawk’s 2014 NFL Final Regular Season Power Rankings

Oh how things have changed since October…

Hawks-Final-NFL-Power Rankings

 *Once again DouBle B got locked out of his normal wordpresss editor and can’t log back in until about 10pm PST tonight, so expect a #MusicMonday post to go up sometime around then*.

Looking at Hawk’s Quarter Season-ish Power Rankings from back in October, CLICK HERE to see that, its crazy how much has changed. For instance he had the Chargers at number one, Eagles number four (see where they are now). But, for the reality of the current situation, here’s who Hawk (who in September correctly predicted the 49ers would miss the playoffs) sees as the pecking order heading into the playoffs:

1) Seattle Seahawks (12-4)
Hard to believe that this team was 3-3 to start the season and barely escaped falling to 3-4 in Carolina. Seattle has now rattled off 6 straight dominating wins to go to 12-4 and secure the #1 seed in the NFC. During that 6 game stretch their opponents are averaging under 7 points. The road to the Super Bowl once again goes through Seattle, a daunting task for anyone.

The Rum Diary Back Story with Alex Stransky

Watch the father of Gonzo journalism tell a tale of one his most personal pieces…

Rum-Diary-Back-StoryFrom DouBle B: I’m having a ton of trouble getting logged into my preferred post editor in WordPress tonight, in fact it’s telling me that I can’t sign in for another 24 hours. That’s why this post may look a little strange in places, at least stranger than usual. So you’ll be seeing the #MusicMonday post late tomorrow, and in the mean time look for me on Twitch playing Far Cry 4. The only reason I’m able to post this is because I had most of this post ready before everything started getting all fucky, sssso:
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Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 17 Edition

Do it or don’t, I got places to be



Welcome to The Hawk’s 2014 NFL Picks Week 17 Edition. DouBle B is editing this on his dad’s Kindle (even the pic above), which he has never used but is loving. But that also means he might mess up a few cosmetic features like links and ish, but Hawk’s NFL PICKS, they’re 100% money.

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DouBle B’s Family Picks Their Top Christmas Films

Let the opinions of the Black family be known on this Second Christmas…


Sooooooo my family all shocked my mom with what we call Second Christmas today and it’s gone swimmingly. But they also saw my Top Ten Christmas Films selections from yesterday and nobody agreed with them one bit, so they all decided submit their own lists.

Let’s start with today’s guest of honor (I’ll post full trailers when I get back to Seattle on Monday)…

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DouBle B’s Top 10 Christmas Films of All-Time (2014 Edition)

Merry Christmas To All…


Merry Christmas mahfuhas. Here are my Top 10 Christmas Films EVER! (2014 Edition). They don’t necessarily have to show up in theaters, but its rather a list of stuff I watch to get in the Christmas spirit. I planned to have a nice long post with explanations of each, but I’ll have to do that later cause otherwise I’m gonna be late for work. So you’re gonna get it RAPID FIRE STYLE!

Let’s start off with…

10. A Christmas Story

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