Green Bill 3 by Tim Black


Green Bill  3 by Tim Black (photoshopped by DouBle B)

Green Bill 2 by Tim Black


Green Bill 2 by Tim Black



Green Bill by Tim Black


Green Bill by Tim Black

The Wednesday Video Dump (On a Saturday) – 11/29/14

Two handpicked selections from each category…


Welcome back to The Wednesday Video Dump, where each Wednesday (or in extenuating circumstances, other days, like today, which is Saturday ) I will handpick two videos (or,in some cases, Vines), new or old, from each category that we cover on the site (Video Games, Movies/TV, Sports, Music, and Whatever).

To see the videos, just click on the corresponding picture below the category banner.

With tonight’s Wednesday Video Dump you can watch DouBle B’s first nine hours of Dragon Age: Inquisition, Richard Sherman breaking down the offenses he faces, the trailer for Pan, the Peter Pan origin story, two tracks from ILOVEMAKONNEN, an emotional Pokemon Daycare Reunion video, and more.


GameSpot’s Super Smash Bros Wii U Review

DouBle B’s Dragon Age Playthrough Playlist

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4 Official High-Res Photos from The Force Awakens Teaser

Roughly 383 days left, everyone stay calm…


At the time of this writing, Time and Date has Star Wars: The Force Awakens opening in 383 days, 3 hours, 42 minutes and 20 seconds. Today Disney released four official high-res pics from the exciting teaser trailer to tide you over until then.

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DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 – Week 14: Weekend Edition

There Will Be Blood…

Welcome to DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 Week 14: Weekend Edition. Theres already been five games and I came out 3-2 in those. UCLA got blown out by Stanford 31-10 this morning, ending the division title and (slim) College Football Playoff hopes for the Bruins. Marshall (aka Randy Moss‘s alma mater) lost when Brandon Doughty‘s two point conversion was successful in overtime, final 67-66 Hilltoppers.

It’s rivalry weekend, and that means its Apple Cup and Iron Bowl time, things are gonna get tense. Note the Nate Robinson picture, thats from the 2002 Apple Cup win for the Huskies, a game where he had an interception. Im very glad he decided to concentrate on hoops after that, but its a reminder that he had football game too. That particular game ruined the Cougs national title hopes. Yeah, that existed in 2002.

After seeing today’s The Force Awakens trailer I’ve got a Star Wars trilogy to get back to (currently on Empire Strikes Back. I started writing this at 11pm PST on Friday). So here comes some super rapid fire picks.

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Teaser (+Gallery)

There has been an awakening, have you felt it?…


How can I NOT be excited after seeing the real 88 second teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens? It’s got some badass shots of stormtroopers (including a lost looking John Boyega), spinny droids, fighter pilots in X-Wings, a sinister Benedict Cumberbatch sounding voiceover…wait…is that actually him? Annnnd the MUTHAFUCKIN’ MILLENIUM FALCON. Okay I’ve watched it about thirty times already, time for you to do the same:

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