DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 – Week 10: Weekend Edition

Can Mariota and his Ducks finally take out Stanford?…

Welcome to DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 Week 10: Weekend Edition.

HAAAAAAAAAAPPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYBODY! I’m itchin’ to get to some vids so lets go ahead and get right to this week’s CFB Picks.


Spotify’s Halloween Themed #ThrowbackThursday Playlist


Run, run, run, run
run, run, run awaaaaaaay…


Yeah, it’s not #MusicMonday yet, but it’s fuckin’ Halloween and I bet a lot of you out there will be throwing fantastic parties (I know Seattle will be wild), so I thought I’d share this week’s Halloween themed #ThrowbackThursday playlist from Spotify. Rock it at your own party, at a reasonable volume, its not all really dance music, just Halloween themed. Even better, stream it off my website (its great for traffic numbers).

Be warned it is Spotify, so ads will play every so many songs, buuuut for those of you who have the subscription it will of course be ad free.

Wildcats and Badgers Lead Preseason AP Top 25 CBB Poll

It begins…College-Hoops-AP-Preseason-Top-25


 The 2014-15 college basketball season is nearly upon us. This morning the Preseason AP Top 25 was released, and to the surprise of nobody who follows the game, the Kentucky Wildcats took the top spot with 52 out of a possible 65 first-place votes. For those of you who don’t follow college hoops, here’s a quick explanation of why its not a surprise: last season Kentucky’s freshman class was basically the most hyped in history (although its hard to think they were actually better than the one with Anthony Davis). In college basketball you can win with freshman, no doubt, and this is not unusual in the UK program, in fact its more the norm since John Calipari took over in 2009.

But the thing is, in the past those hyped freshman under Calipari (some examples: John Wall, Derek Rose, Tyreke Evans, Demarcus Cousins, heard of them?) all left after one year to go to the NBA, because they were flat out good enough. Buuuuut for some reason, despite the fact that last season they made it to the National Title game (where they lost to UConn, which sucked), and several of them were “flat out good enough”, most of them decided to return. Soooooo look out.

But they’re not the only great Wildcats team out there, because theres also the Arizona Wildcats, ranked #2 with five first-place votes. They were a last second shot away from a Final Four trip last season They return great big men with Brandon Ashley (who if wasn’t hurt I thought they would have won it all) and Kaleb Tarczewski,  experience, very good guard play, and a fantastic recruiting class.

Wisonsin, the team that knocked off Arizona in the Elite 8, starts at #3. They have most of their squad back, including 6-10 Frank Kaminsky, who said no to the pros for another shot at a title (which I don’t think will happen but hey).


DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 – Week 10: Thursday Edition

Distractions abound…

Welcome to DouBle B’s CFB Picks 2014 Week 10 Edition, lets start out with…

Week 9 Recap (with last week’s rank in parenthesis):

By my count I went 14-3 last week, you can see those picks HERE and HERE.

Despite the rankings disparity (24) LSU‘s 10-7 dub over (3) Ole Miss wasn’t the biggest shocker in the world. Tiger Stadium holds about 102K fans, and it has seen its home squad win against better teams that Ole Miss. I didn’t pick LSU, but I was close.

(20)USC couldn’t quite pull off the “upset” against (19) Utah in what was a fantastic game, final score 24-21.

I also picked Oklahoma State over (22) West Virginia, that didn’t work out. 34-10.


Watch The Final Play of Each of the Last 49 World Series

Oh those uniforms…


 With game 7 of the World Series having kicked off (as of this time its 2-up in the second inning), I thought it would be a good time to share this awesome video that Major League Baseball put together that shows the final play from each of the last 49 World Series (none of which were won by the Seattle Mariners, damn).

By the way, due to unforseen circumstances, I may be unable to finish the Wednesday Video Dump today. It’ll be done tomorrow night at the latest.

A Midnight Session with Sunset Overdrive – #LetsGetTwitchy

Insomniac Games third-person shooter releases tonight…

 Insomniac GamesSunset Overdrive releases tonight at midnight PST. I have it downloaded already and planning to stream my first gameplay attempts sometime around then. Hope its worth it.

You can watch gameplay highlights from this and other games on Twitch by CLICKING HERE. In the near future we are planning to really work on a new YouTube page too where we’ll post all our gameplay / highlight videos. So if you don’t have the time to watch it live, those are some great ways to see what we’re up to.



Ryan Adams’ Self Titled – #MusicMonday Co-Album of the Week

 “Got nothin to say, got nothin’ to prove”
– I Just Might


I’ve always been a fan of Ryan Adams, although I hadn’t really heard much of his music until…like yesterday. Back in the day my dad had some Whiskeytown albums and Adams really stood out on those (I especially like their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams). It wasn’t til Old School came out on DVD and I watched it roughly eighty times that I found out his actual name. Adams’ song To Be Young (Is To Be Sad, Is To Be High) was the first song played in that comedy classic by the way.

I’ve had a couple musician friends, who don’t know each other, gush over Ryan Adams latest album in recent weeks. I really trust their opinion and knew I had to give it a go, and so yesterday finally gave it a listen and I’m very much hooked (hence the live version of Kim I posted).

Ladies and gentleman, Ryan Adams self-titled album, released September 8th, 2014.

Favorite Tracks:
Gimme Something Good
My Wrecking Ball
I Just Might