Picked 3 of 4 correct winners in the Wildcard Round last week. 4 more to pick this week as we enter the second round of the playoffs.

Saturday Night Divisional Playoffs
#3 Seattle Seahawks (11-5-1) at #2 Atlanta Falcons  (11-5)
(-5.0) (O/U 51.5) 1:35 PM Fox
We start the second round of the playoffs with a good one. These two teams faced off during week 6. It was played in Seattle and the Seahawks pulled off a dramatic 26-24 victory.

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and Falcons leading receiver Julio Jones went toe to toe the whole game, 
but Jones got the better of him, statistically anyways. He had 7 catches for 139 yards and a Td on 9 targets. But it was Sherman that had a crucial stop on 4th and 10 in the final 1:39 of the game that would end the Falcons final attempt at a comeback.
Stopping the best receiver in the NFL is no small task but Seattle’s depleted secondary that is missing Earl Thomas will have to do just that. Sherman was not guarding Jones every play last game but he may have to be in this time. Atlanta struggled to run the ball against the Seahawks in the week 6 matchup, which is no surprise. Few teams in the league have been able to run against Bobby Wagner and company this season as they rank 7th best in the league.

Let’s look at Seattle’s offense vs Atlanta’s defense. Atlanta’s defense has not been very impressive, they rank 28th in passing yards allowed and are in the middle of the pack in rushing yards allowed at 17th best. In that earlier 26-24 victory the Seahawks were playing without Thomas Rawls and Jimmy Graham had one of his best games of the year hauling in 6 catches for 89 yards. He should once again be able to exploit a weak Falcons secondary.
A lot of storylines in this game.
Falcons head coach Dan Quinn used to be the Seahawks defensive coordinator. Matt Ryan is the potential MVP of the league. Earl Thomas will not play in this game, etc. But at the end of the day. Seattle was very depleted last time they faced off. They were without Kam Chancellor, Thomas Rawls, and Michael Bennett, whom exited the game with an injury and they still pulled off the win.
Yes it was in Seattle but at the end of the day this Seahawks roster is chock full of players with Playoff experience and they will get it done in Atlanta and give Russell redemption for his rookie year when he played in Atlanta in the Divisional Round and lost despite pulling off one of the greatest comebacks in history.

Do you all remember that game? Because I sure do. We were down 27-7 in the 4th quarter and the Seahawks took the lead 28-27 later before giving up a last second field goal in a 30-28 defeat.
 Pick: Seahawks 31-27

#4 Houston Texans (10-7) at #1 New England Cheaters (14-2) (-15.5) (O/U 44.5) 5:15 PM
How in the fuck does this happen? Every year it’s the same story. New England gets a first round bye in the playoffs, mainly because they have one of the shittiest and easiest schedules in the entire league and then in the divisional round they play some crap team that doesn’t even belong in the playoffs and doesn’t stand a chance against them.
Only reason the Texans made the playoffs this year is because the AFC South is the worst division in football, and has been for about 5 years running. The only reason they won a playoff game is because they played Oakland, who was forced to start their 3rd string QB last week in the wildcard round. I can’t even write more than that because it will be an anger filled rant, laced with curse words.
I stayed in Houston once for a night and it sucked donkey dick. Save the embarrassment to your shit city and just stay home Texans, you don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning this one.
Prove me wrong and I will issue a formal apology to the entire city of Houston. Fuck the Patriots!
Pick: Cheaters 59-3

Sunday Night Divisional Round
#3 Pittsburgh Steelers (12-5) at  #2 Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
(-1.5) (O/U 44.0)
10:05 AM
If you like Gritty, hard hitting, low scoring games this might be your cup of tea. Both these teams will hit you and hit you hard. As is so often the case with these Chiefs the last couple of years, it is their offense that is so worrisome.
How can Alex Smith, Spencer Ware, and Charcandrick West, Receiver Jeremy Maclin and Tight End Travis Kelce keep up with Rothlisberger, Leveon Bell, and Antonio Brown? I don’t think they can. To have any hope of winning this one the Chiefs must cause Steelers turnovers and take advantage of those turnovers by scoring points.

There is one guy that I have not mentioned yet and that is Kansas City’s X factor Tyreek Hill, my God is that guy a game changer. He is a speed demon. If they can feed him the ball in open spaces they might just win this game. I suspect they will but it won’t quite be enough, to beat this well rounded Steelers team.
Pick: Steelers 23-20
#4 Green Bay Packers (11-6) at #1 Dallas Cowboys (13-3) (-4.5) (O/U 52.5) 1:40 PM
This should be an exciting game. Green Bay has won 7 straight in dominating fashion, none more so than last week’s 38-13 beat down of a very good Giants team.

In their last 5 wins they have scored 31 or more points, and other than maybe the Steelers, are the hottest team in the league. Dallas at one point had won 11 straight games despite having a rookie QB in Dak Prescott and a rookie Running Back in Ezekiel Elliot. Both have been considered not just as rookie of the year candidates but as MVP candidates. For all their successes this year I just can’t get behind them in this game.
I have watched the NFL for a long time. Trust me when I say that there is no substitute for playoff experience and neither Prescott or Elliott have it.
Aaron Rodgers does though. I have been saying all year as a Seahawks fans that I do not want to see the Packers in the playoffs, naturally that is probably exactly what will happen. If I am right and both Seattle and Green Bay win this week, the NFC Championship comes through Seattle… again.
Pick: Packers 34-27

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